Frequently asked questions

Can I cook the casserole without thawing?

You can bake the casserole from a frozen state but it will take longer to cook. Make sure that your casserole is hot in the middle or until internal temperature reaches 165 degrees.

How many servings are in each casserole?

Each casserole will generously serve four. However, if you are also serving side items and smaller portions, you could serve six.

Can I really use this pan in the microwave?

Yes! Our high quality pans may be used to reheat leftovers in a microwave as long as there is food in the pan. We do not recommend for high power commercial microwaves.

Can I heat the entire casserole in the microwave?

No. For best results, we recommend that you heat the casserole the first time in your conventional oven and then reheat any leftovers in the microwave.

Do you list the ingredients on each casserole?

Yes. Each casserole has a list of ingredients on the label as well as nutritional data and an allergens statement.

Do you use MSG in your ingredients?

While we do not add MSG, please check the labels to make sure that you are choosing one of our selections that does not contain MSG if you need to avoid it due to a food allergy.

My children are very picky eaters. Which selections do you recommend?

Many of our customers tell us that our casseroles have won over the pickiest of eaters! For children we recommend you start with Poppy Seed Chicken or Husbands Delight.

What is the sodium content of your food?

The USDA demands that a serving size be shown as 8 ounces or one cup for our products. Accordingly the nutritional components are based on 8 ounces of product, an overly generous portion, versus the normal serving of four ounces or ½ cup. While our sodium content may seem high, consider the serving size and adjust according to your desired serving portions. Once you divide the portions and consider the sodium levels, they are in line with the frozen entrees from other manufacturers that are available today. We produce handmade comfort food following legacy recipes, so in addition to high quality white chicken and beef, we use real butter and sour cream and the traditional cream soups that your grandmother and mother used.

How can I order online?

As of now, Dirt Road Gourmet can only distribute its products through major distributors and cannot ship directly to individual customers. Hopefully, this is something we will add in the future. Find DRG near you in our Directory.